YouTube Marketing is reliant on data

Improve your YouTube marketing with the largest database in Japan

No.1 for data in Japan!

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View a comprehensive overview of your managed channels in the dashboard. Monitor performance and keep track of trending videos and channels.

List Management (My Lists)

Once you find a YouTube channel you are interested in, you can create your own list using the My Lists function. For example, creating a list by genre / category makes it easier to manage creators. You can also monitor the overview of your favorites on the dashboard.

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Channel Search

We recommend that you use Channel Search when you want to search a channel using more detailed search criteria than you can on the YouTuber page. Our Channel Search is searchable using various criteria such as selecting the range of the number of subscribers, category, and the number of Likes. It is also highly effective for finding potential creators.
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Competitor Search

Why don't you use the Competitor Search to find your channel competitors? You can find a creator who has a video in the same category and has almost the same number of subscribers as yours. In addition, you can also use it to find channels you are interested in as well as similar channels on YouTube.
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Channel and Video Reports

You can analyze detailed data about a channel / video. Approximately 57,500 channels in the country are searchable using various criteria (changes in the number of subscribers, changes in engagement rate, changes in Likes, and so on), therefore, it is possible to search data that you cannot find on YouTube. (You can download data in CSV format.)
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Examples of Tie Ups

You can pick up examples of Tie-Ups. Not only you can search the reach on YouTube for each product and check video that are becoming popular for your reference, but you can also look for influencers who will succeed in the future.

Get Started

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Free Trial

Please try using a free trial first. We will explain to you how to use the tool.
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Contact Us

Our sales staff will ask you about usability. Please feel free to tell us if you have a request such as wanting to add other functions or improve something.
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Get Started

We will propose an optimal plan for your company before using our TUBERS product.


What are the strengths of TUBERS?
No. 1 database in Japan! Our huge amount of data is more abundant than anywhere else!
What are the prices? Could you tell me more in detail?
Please contact us from the contact form. We will propose an optimal plan for your company.
How long is the trial period?
It usually runs one to two weeks.
How do you get YouTube data?
We perform daily data crawling based on API data published on YouTube.
Can I use the service immediately without a trial?
Of course you can! Please contact us.

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Our Mission

Recently YouTubers and other video creators are getting social attention, various companies use them as influencers when advertising. For Youtube creator, we develop and provide the tools & platform, and pursue the product to make the whole market excitement.